The industrialization of the building site is the mission of StercheleGroup® since 1962.

Over the years, the Building Systems on the market have evolved, and StercheleGroup was always keen to propose and produce new prefabricated elements applying  technologically advanced solutions.

Today StercheleGroup® proposes two independent and complete construction systems which can be conveniently integrated in order to get the maximum flexibility: PREM System and the Self Bearing Panel System.

StercheleGroup® PREM system consists of PREM Beams (Prefabricated Composite Truss Beams) with bottom concrete plate, steel plate or without plate; wet-joint concrete columns or steel-concrete composite confined columns and pre-stressed hollow core or predalles slabs.

The StercheleGroup® Self Bearing Panel System consisting of prefabricated elements which require limited cast in place concrete (wet knots)  and results in a final monolithic structure, absolutely similar to a traditional cast in place structure, but bringing in all the advantages and quality of a prefabricated structure.

StercheleGroup® offers a series of prefabricated elements useful to the industrialization of the construction site, in support and completion of these two systems or any structure building system provided by the project or adopted by the company.

First of all, a full range of prefabricated insulated and standard facade panels with external finishes ranging from smooth as-cast to washed gravel, to marble grains, mixture or one color, and ending with texture finish on matrices.

In addition, StercheleGroup produces special prefabricated components, custom-made, such as: parapets, balconies, cornices, ribs, gables, staircases and landings etc…

Also, StercheleGroup® has developed its own manufacturing technology of Prefabricated Bathroom pods, that allows the highest level of the jobsite industrialization; in fact, also the most critical and delicate work phases, e.g. M&E installations and finishes, are carried out in a protected and controlled off-site environment.