With the term "Certifications", in the current language, are generally meant documents of different nature (certificatesqualificationsattestationsclassifications) and different valence (mandatory by law or voluntary) that often are required as contractual requirements without deepening and fully understand the implications but many of these documents presuppose not only a considerable competence and a suitable organization but also a work of systematization of the technical and procedural documents necessary for a third party to evaluate its real contents. Each of these Certifications reports a part of the company's technical and organizational know-how and the whole set describes the degree of competence, completeness and reliability that our company offers its customers.

Let's see them in detail, differentiating them with the most specific and appropriate terminology and their implications even if, often, the boundary between the different types is very labile. According to the different competences and roles, the documents refer to Sterchele SpA (ST) to S.D. Srl (SD) and Stedil Srl (FD) which produces steel components on behalf of the aforementioned ST and SD.

The languages used in the certificates are indicated with: IT = Italian; IN = English; TE = German.

Finally, the factories are indicated with: MV = Marano Vicentino; IV = Isola Vicentina; CA = Cavazzale; TU = all.