The StercheleGroup Companies


StercheleGroup® (registered trademark by Sterchele S.p.a and SD S.r.l.) is the natural evolution of a synergy, deeply rooted, between two companies that have contributed to the history of prefabrication in Italy:

- Sterchele S.p.a. was founded in 1962 as a manufacturer of components for prefabricated and industrialized building where, over the decades, has made a number of innovations by helping to develop many new products up to full industrial and commercial maturity;

- SD S.r.l., established in 1981 as a manufacturer of metal structural work and gradually became the main domestic manufacturer of PREM beams making the most significant innovations to the product and becoming the only PREM Beams manufacturer of a) Mixed Steel Reinforced and b) Reinforced Concrete categories.

The collaboration between the two companies has led, over time, to a specialization of the former as manufacturer and installer of Structural Building Systems, and the latter as engineering and marketing operator for these Systems. At the same time, Sterchele S.p.a. evolved into the production of prefabricated bathroom pods and increased the business unit dedicated to the retailing of building materials and as "turnkey" tiling contractor, particularly in refurbishing operation.

StercheleGroup® therefore proposes three lines of products and services: the Structural Construction Systems, the Prefabricated Bathroom Pods and the Materials for Building and Construction Sites. All these three business units operate both as supplier (with design responsibility) and as installer subcontractor on site of its products.




Each of the above mentioned business units has its own sales and technical organization quick enough to respond to market demands, especially from architects, developers, main contractors and / or individuals. This organization has proven to be flexible, efficient and to provide quick and effective responses to customers, meanwhile common functions such as purchasing, administration, logistics, R & D and communication departments are shared in order to maximize the efficiency and to reduce costs.

The strength of StercheleGroup® is the strong specialization and expertise that its technicians may offer to professionals: architects, structural engineers and installation practices, aiming to find together the best solution for the specific project, focusing onto the technical, manufacturing and procurement skills that allow the company to really meet any design need, from the simplest to the most elegant and the most technological.

These features have allowed StercheleGroup® to become one of the European leader in the design and production of prefabricated bathroom pods and Italian leader in Design and Manufacturing of PREM System (for which, by right, now stands for the presidency of the National Association: ASSOPREM).

Furthermore, StercheleGroup® is the first manufacturer in Italy of the Bearing Panels Building System and of the "loop box" Connection System, which is much used in northern Europe and only now, thanks to StercheleGroup®, adapted to the environmental and market conditions of our Country.