StercheleGROUP Floors Slabs

Partially prefabricated floor slabs; StercheleGroup Models


Partially Prefabricated Slabs are made up with one or more elements pre-assembled in a manufacturing plant, completed on site with an important integrative casting, which, after laying on site additional reinforcement bars and or mesh, grants a perfect monolithism with the main structural elements, PREM Beams and wet Structural Joint Columns, in the same way as completely cast in place structures.

The pre-assembled part acts as a totally or partially self-supporting formwork, requiring in this case some intermediate props only, and is composed of prefabricated concrete and / or lightening elements made of polystyrene or brick.

Usually, the rebars are placed partially in the plant and partially on the construction site, but they can also be placed completely on site.

With the exception of the hollow core slabs, all the others can also be shear reinforced.

In the first phase (placement and casting) the resistant elements can be concrete, steel and / or polystyrene, but in the second phase (operating) these are always structures in reinforced concrete with possible blocks both for lightening the final floor and / or for thermal-acoustic insulation.


StercheleGroup is a prefabricator that has produced partially prefabricated floor plates slabs for decades. Today, there are so many floors that fit with the PREM system that it is not convenient anymore to limit the design choice to self-produced models.

This very high flexibility has led to the mere commercialization, and no longer to the production, of the prefabricated floors, to provide the most appropriate technical solution for each individual site.

This was possible thanks to the strengthening of the internal Technical Office and the specialization of the design and engineering of the Construction System.

Each type of Floor has, in fact, its own optimal field of application.

In Features and Benefits Section of our site, the Designer or the Contractor can fit the best suited features for his project or site, identifying the most suitable Floor slabs model and find all its Technical Specifications by clicking on the following links:

Solai LAS alve: Hollow core slabs
Solai LAS norm: Floor plates with standard lattice girder
Solai LAS prem: Floor plates with PREM lattice girder
Solai LAS epsr: Reinforced sintered polystyrene slabs
Solai LAS late: Beams & blocks floor slabs.