StercheleGroup building systems design

In order to apply more effectively its range of Construction Systems (PREM System, Load-bearing Panels System) to every specific project, identifying the most suitable construction components (among different models of PREM Beams, Columns, Slabs and sandwich Walls), and if necessary be able to integrate them with Completive Prefabricated Products (internal walls and thermally insulated panels, stairs and landings) and/or with other construction systems present in the project (steel, wood, masonry, etc.) StercheleGroup® has structured a qualified and accurate Technical Office, to support the Designer and the Construction manager.

This service supports the Designer, Architect and/or Engineer, both in the general design phase, including structural modeling if necessary, and in the constructive design phase, performing directly all the detailed designing for the production of all components supplied, and then remain available to support the Construction Manager on the building site.

This competent and complete Service is necessary for an efficient engineering of the production process on site and for quality and cost effectiveness of the overall process.