They report that an authorized third party, normally established by law, has verified on a documental basis or with proper visits, the technical, organizational and/or financial and/or procedural conformity of an organization to the requirements established by a law and with this he certifies the Qualification.

According to the different competences and roles, the documents refer to Sterchele SpA (ST) to S.D. Srl (SD) and Stedil srl (SE) which produces steel components on behalf of the aforementioned ST and SD. The languages used in the certificates are indicated with: IT = Italian; IN = English; TE = German.

The production sites are indicated with: MV = Marano Vicentino; IV = Isola Vicentina; CA = Cavazzale; TU = all.


ST-DM 14/01/08-(IT)-IV

Sterchele Spa: qualification certificate of Central Technical Service of Superior Council of Public Works (CSLP), for the production of reinforced concrete bases for PREM SD truss beams for Isola Vicentina factory (N° 9878 dated 13/12/2013)

ST-DPR 207/2010-(IT)-TU 

Sterchele Spa: certification of qualification for the execution of public works, in accordance to D.P.R. 207/2010 (N.64979/10/00 dated 21/07/2022)