LAS alve floor

Hollowcore slabs

Technical Specifications 

The LAS alve slab is composed of self-bearing hollow core panels in pre-compressed vibratory finished reinforced concrete, with pre-stretched adherent strands, lightened by longitudinal cavities, with smooth lower surface finish by steel formwork, provided with CE Marking and DOP (Declaration of Performance) referred to Annex ZA of the product EN 1168 standard "Precast concrete products. Alveolar sheets", with concrete, as a rule, of class C45 / 55.

The panels are marked by fixed markings, which also guarantee the tracking of the Production Plant and of the Manufacturer, whose Quality Management System is set up in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard and certified by a notified third body.

The panels are reinforced with lower and upper prestressing steel (fptk> = 1860N / mm2), in dimension and quantities consequent tostatic calculations, carried out with simple support constraints, in the hypothesis of transversal collaboration of the panels guaranteed by the "joint core "made on site with completive casting.

Standard width of panels is 120 cm and, according to particular design requirements, sub-measures, notches or holes can be made.

The monolithic behaviour with the main beams and / or with the adjacent spans is guaranteed by milling the ends of the panels and inserting into them, through the beams and into the core between adjacent panels before casting in situ, appropriate steel reinforcements with concrete steel B450C, suitable to resist to hogging moment.

The floor is completed with an integrated concrete casting of class> = C32 / 40 carefully vibrated, so that the complete filling of the longitudinal joints and the milling, the wrapping of the additional reinforcements and adherence to the prefabricated concrete, are guaranteed; this completive casting is also used for the realization of the possible collaborating slab, of thickness as required by the project, possibly reinforced with electro-welded mesh. We recommend the use of ready-mixed concrete with a water / cement ratio> = 0.60, optionally added with fluidizers, with the use of appropriate granulometry, limiting the maximum diameter of the inert to 12mm.

In case of laying of the panels on the edge structures, supports must be complanar and at same level, with the possible interposition of a layer of mortar or neoprene, in order to avoid anomalous transversal twisting stress.