Wednesday, 18 October, 2023

StercheleGroup is contributing with its complete Prefabricated Structural System to the realization of one of the most important projects of strategic interest within the European Chips Act, which aims to double European semiconductor capacity, bringing it to 20% of world production.

The plan contributes to the achievement of several European objectives for a greener, more digital and safer economy established in the main political initiatives such as the Digital Decade and the Green Deal.

One of the four Italian companies involved in the project is MEMC Electronic Material Spa, a company active in the microelectronics sector, a subsidiary of GlobalWafers Co Ltd (GWC), the world's third largest producer of silicon wafers. MEMC is the largest producer of 200mm silicon wafers in the GWC Group but also in the entire European Union: 40% of production remains within the EU while 60% is destined for Asia and the United States.

The Company is expanding its Novara plant, which has been active since the late 1970s and has around 800 employees, with the construction of a new facility of around 29,000 m2, intended for the production of 300 mm wafers.

The construction works are carried out by CMB, which has chosen StercheleGroup Structural Wet Joint prefabricated system as the perfect technical solution to the very particular requirement of the project such as: 1) the huge structural mesh, 2) the self-supporting capacity, 3) the assembly speed, 4) the monolithic frame structure.

This is one of the largest construction sites built in Italy using this construction technology; an extremely challenging, intense and fast-paced project, which saw us deploy all of our experience in the management of highly complex construction sites.

StercheleGroup has developed innovative solutions functional to the design needs, such as the self-supporting multi-storey structural wet joint columns with a 15 meter structural mesh, 11 meter of inter-storey space and sections of 100x100 cm.

The use of the StercheleGroup Structural PREM System also satisfied the need of extreme rigidity of the structure, through the completion castings of the structural wet joints carried out on site, to guarantee the absence of vibrations in the machinery that will produce the silicon disks.


The numbers

n. 997 PREM reticular beams (9150 lm)

beam height max 1.93 m, average 1.30 m 

n. 307 prefabricated columns  (3407 lm)

n. 137 prefabricated stair ramps

4400 sq m of infill panels